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Visions of Shadows - 2016

Five missing people—4 from decades past, and 1 recent.  The answer hides in a Floating Festival, that appears and disappears every year.  Omaha’s Jon Purcell began acting strangely after researching the missing persons’ cases from years and years ago, before he himself vanished.  (Click here to read his research notes.)

You are invited to attend this very festival, which only those who want to see will find, while it appears.  Live performing animals, puppets that come to life, and feats of movement happen before your eyes.

All events occur in real time, throughout the fair.  Follow who you will; see what you can as Walk the Night presents Visions of Shadows.

Located at ConAgra Building #1 at 908 ConAgra Dr.

Featuring music by April Faith-Sakler, Azure Ray (Saddle Creek Records), Andrew Heringer (Chop Shops Records).

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