Greetings, Adventurer

and Welcome To A Scented, Role-playing Experience

Literally anyone can Participate in

That creates a candle.

TO prepare you

For the journey we’ll embark upon:

  • A story is written. A tale is told. One is set; the other is living, It grows and changes in oral history.

  • We will work together to tell a story in this experience. We will create a world, populate it with creatures and peoples of magical qualities, interact with them and begin an adventure.

  • THe more comfortable we become, the easier our story will come.

To tell your tale together,

YOu must answer a few basic questions.

** We have only 2 requirements for acceptance / attendance **
You must be able to tolerate trace amounts of smoke *
Oils will be released through steam over close-flamed candles.
We all must mutually recognize and abide by our No Harm Clause / Terms & Conditions *
The experience is composed of discussion, involves light/business interactions, with smelling akin to any scent-based purchase. No party shall willingly or knowingly overstep those bounds, cause harm to persons or property; any sign perceived as a threat or danger to anyone involved will result in an immediate ending of the process. This is a creative process involving physical and intellectual property owned by Cantrip Candles and Walk the Night. That collaborative process and the result of it is in the purview of Cantrip Candles & Walk the Night. The publication of those materials are handled at the sole discretion of Cantrip Candles / Walk the Night Prods., and cannot be infringed upon.
Your actual Name *
Your actual Name
A phone number
A phone number
for correspondence related to your scheduled appointment only
Do you have any known allergies / sensitivities, particularly to any scents / oils? *
"If I could have a super power, it would be..."
Are you familiar with any fantasy games?
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